snow and ice management

Snowlogic knows that snow is unpredictable, the only way to ensure our customers get the service they expect from Snowlogic is to make sure we have the right people and equipment to handle whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

  1. High efficiency equipment helps Snowlogic spend less time at your location which allows Snowlogic to be the market leader with respect to price
  2. High capacity tractors allow Snowlogic to perform a better service:
    1. Tractor down pressure scrapes and cleans far more snow then a conventional truck and plow
    2. 4 wheel drive tractors allow Snowlogic to push larger amounts of snow higher than a conventional truck and plow
    3. Short  tractor wheelbase allows for unmatched manoeuvrability, which allows our tractors to access hard to reach places
  3. Plow wings adjust hydraulically to ease transportation and close to create a box style plow for moving lifting and piling large amounts of snow
  4. Our facility houses a large commercial salt dome which allows  Snowlogic to maintain salt supply and pricing while other companies are passing on surcharges or even worse not able to supply salt.
  5. Innovative thinking (example plow designed to get under parked trailers)  allows Snowlogic to provide customers with unique solutions to their snow and ice challenges.
  6. Snowlogic  goes through a rigorous training process and retains it's employees 12 months per year to ensure our service levels remain consistent.
  7. Snowlogic is fully insured and carries 10 million dollars of liability insurance.



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